Darkselrahc34's Staff Application

2 weeks 2 days ago #30 by darkselrahc34
1. What is your SteamID32? (i.e STEAM_0:1:12432827):

2. What is your Discord #? (i.e. DegenerateManiac#4560):

3. What's your current rank? (Void Member/Plasma/Nebula/Celestial/Galactic):

4. Do you have any past experience being staff of any kind? (If so what rank(s) have you been?):
I have. I've been HoA, Admins and trial mod on servers that shut down.

5. Do you have any friends who are staff? (If so name them):
I would like to consider DegenerateManiac as a friend. Or Kekkka. If they say no, then none.

6. How old are you?:

7. How many warns do you have? (Use !warns in-game and answer with the total amount):

8. Do you accept that you must wait after filling this Application for a Higher Staff member to now review it and interview you?:
Understandable, I know staff is busy with renovations.

9. What's your playtime?:
I'd say 23hrs before the earlier reset and 8hrs before current renovations.
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